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Family Lawyers in Fairfax, VA

Helping Resolve Family Law Issues Throughout Northern Virginia

At the Law Offices of Michael Kevin Murphy, PLLC, we understand that when you have to hire a lawyer you are under a great deal of stress. Family law issues can be extremely difficult on everyone involved, but our dedicated Fairfax family law attorneys are here to help you through it. Your team is prepared to go out of our way to help you feel more comfortable so that we can most effectively help you reach your goals. As extensively experienced legal professionals, we proudly provide high-quality representation to our clients. Our family lawyers in Fairfax, VA have helped many families in the Fairfax, Prince William, Loudoun, Arlington, and Stafford Counties and the City of Alexandria in Northern Virginia.

For most people, dealing with lawyers is difficult. We get that. When a family law matter comes up, powerful emotions often make it even more difficult to deal with, and no one wants to take time off from work or drive a long distance, worrying about traffic and parking, only to sit in a strange law office waiting to meet a lawyer for the first time. We understand that. We found a better way a long ago. Setting up a video teleconference with one of our attorneys, for an initial client consultation or a follow-up, is easy via “Zoom”, “Facetime”, “Cisco Webex”, “Skype”, or other means of video teleconferencing.  Just give us a call or send us an email and we’ll make it happen.  And wear whatever you’d like. We will too.

Contact us now to schedule a consultation with our Fairfax family law attorneys!

Why Hire a Family Law Attorney?

With over 30 years of experience, our team of family law attorneys in Fairfax, VA can help you navigate a variety of complex family law matters. We will advocate on your behalf and work with you to try and reach your goals. When you retain our services, you can be rest assured knowing that you have a team of skilled attorneys working hard to protect your rights and interests.

Advocating for Your Rights During Family Law Disputes

At the Law Offices of Michael Kevin Murphy, PLLC, our Fairfax family law attorney works with clients who live in Virginia and elsewhere throughout the world. At the Law Offices of Michael Kevin Murphy, PLLC, we have the firsthand experience you need when dealing with family law issues. We know the complicated nature of military life and approach your case in a way other law firms often cannot do or will not do.

Contact us online today or call (703) 721-7640 for caring, qualified legal counsel. Our main office is conveniently located next to the Fairfax County Courthouse in the City of Fairfax, Virginia.

Why Hire Law Offices of Michael Kevin Murphy, PLLC?

Our Attorney is a former
U. S. Army officer.

Our firm is award winning & top rated.

We serve clients domestically & internationally.

Located close to the Fairfax County Courthouse.

We have over 30 years of legal experience.

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