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Grandparent’s Rights Attorneys In Fairfax

Understanding Custody & Visitation For Grandparents In Northern Virginia

As a grandparent, you want to see the best for your grandchildren, and it can be hard when the parents do not allow visitation. In Virginia, grandparents can often apply for visitation with grandchildren. These petitions can help protect the interests of the child and safeguard the rights of grandparents and their involvement with their grandchildren.

At the Law Offices of Michael Kevin Murphy, PLLC, we understand that filing petitions with the courts can seem overwhelming, but with the help of our firm, you may be able to see a swift and favorable outcome to your case. Our founding attorney has over 30 years of experience in handling family law cases, and he will take the time to get to know you and help you understand grandparent rights in VA.

If you're seeking grandparent's rights in Virginia contact us now and schedule a consultation with a Fairfax grandparent's rights lawyer today.

How To Obtain Visitation & Custody

Virginia allows for any person with a legitimate interest in the child’s upbringing the ability to apply for custodial arrangements or visitation. Because of this law, grandparents, relatives, step-grandparents, and family members could all potentially petition to visit a child. When it comes to custody of a grandchild, grandparents can seek full custody if both parents are unable to care for a child, such is the case with death, illness, or incapacity.

There are a few factors that a family law judge will take into consideration when determining if visitation or custody is appropriate for grandparents, including:

  • The child’s well being
  • How involved the grandparents were or are in the child’s life
  • The historical relationship with the grandparent and the parents
  • The parent’s involvement
  • Domestic violence circumstances

In some cases, visitation and custody may not necessarily suffice, and close-relative adoption may be available. Each petition will be determined on a case-by-case basis, and having an experienced Fairfax grandparents’ rights lawyer from the Law Offices of Michael Kevin Murphy, PLLC on your side could significantly help your situation.

Protect Your Rights & Your Family With The Law Offices Of Michael Kevin Murphy, PLLC

It can be difficult to know that your involvement with your grandchildren is strained because of the relationship between the parents, but working with an attorney could help. Our firm will keep you informed throughout the course of the case, and represent you both in and out of court. We regularly serve clients throughout Prince William, Loudoun, Arlington, and Stafford Counties and the City of Alexandria in Northern Virginia.

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