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Father with custody of his childAny divorce can be difficult, but the challenges a family faces can increase exponentially when children are involved in the process. Child custody and visitation are often some of the biggest concerns that divorcing spouses face, and these can lead to stress and questions about your family’s future. At the Law Offices of Michael Kevin Murphy, PLLC, we are proud to offer quality, experienced family law representation to help our clients overcome their child custody and visitation concerns. We get to know each household and take the time to create a personalized approach to their case, which can help benefit each member of the family.

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Understanding Custody & Visitation Schedules

If decided by a judge rather than the agreement of the parents, the judge will take into consideration certain statutory factors regarding your family’s dynamic when determining how custody will be awarded. Considerations for custody may include the child’s wishes, the parent’s ability to provide for the child, proximity to the child’s school, steadiness of jobs and income, and the child or parent’s health, among other factors.

The types of custody allowable in Virginia are:

  • Sole legal custody: One parent is allowed to have all legal authority over the child. This includes medical, religious, extracurricular, and educational decisions among others.
  • Joint (or “shared”) legal custody: Both parents will have a say in determining how the child is raised. The child may live with one parent full-time, but both parents will have a responsibility in the raising of the child until the child is no longer a minor.
  • Primary physical custody to one parent, secondary parenting time to the other parent: In these cases, a child will reside primarily with one parent while the other parent will have parenting time (sometimes called “visitation”), often on weekends and evenings during the week, and a period of visitation during holidays and summers.
  • Joint (or “shared”) physical custody: Similar to joint legal custody, joint physical custody allows both parents to have a responsibility in the raising of the child with time split equally between the two parents. These schedules are often where the child alternates living with his/her parents on a week-on, week-off basis.

Once custody has been determined, visitation schedules can be established. Visitation is often determined by the custody decree but can be changed based on summer break schedules, holiday schedules, and the child’s preferences. In most cases, both parents are encouraged to have shared time and responsibility in raising the child.

How Our Fairfax Child Custody & Visitation Lawyers Can Help

When it comes to understanding child custody laws and Virginia’s visitation requirements, you may feel overwhelmed. So many factors can be taken into consideration when establishing a finalized schedule and you should always have an experienced Fairfax child custody lawyer on your side. At the Law Offices of Michael Kevin Murphy, PLLC we offer trusted representation to our clients. We can help you establish custody and visitations and offer modifications for finalized agreements.

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